Our Programs

Providing low-income residents a pathway to better health,
new skills, jobs, housing and economic stability.

Critical Needs

Food, clothing, shelter

We assist and teach clients where to find steady sources of critical items, services and shelter.

Social service linkage

We assist and teach clients how to find and access social services, and to advocate for them if needed.

Legal support

Our legal partners provide free legal help to clients, and we often assist clients with the justice system, landlords, schools and other agencies.

Home intervention

We make home visits to families with at-risk children to provide support and training for parents and caregivers. We work to reduce violence, delinquency and drug use, and to encourage involvement with children’s schools and the community at large.

Better Health

Health care services linkage

TGHI Case Managers and Care Coordinators assist and teach clients how to find health care resources, and advocate for them when needed.

Mental health counseling

Our Master’s level counselors provide mental health, HIV and substance abuse counseling based on Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy techniques.

HIV & substance abuse testing, counseling, harm reduction

We offer Certified HIV and drug testing, counseling and Harm Reduction prevention programs, plus referrals to medical intervention and 12-point support programs.

Nutrition and wellness education

We provide classes in behavioral health, wellness and nutrition, and conducts a horticulture program on three garden sites in the West Grove.

New Skills

Social, practical, and administrative skills

TGHI’s Social and Practical Skills program is a regimen of 60 tasks and classes teaches new skills, and builds self-confidence and organized habits.

Job training for restaurant jobs

TGHI’s CANTEEN Training Restaurant prepares clients of all ages for employment, and teaches culinary, serving, cleaning and inventory job skills for restaurants. Graduates earn SafeWay-ServeSafe and CPR Certification in preparation for job placement.

Nurturing Parenting for families

TGHI teaches evidence-based Nurturing Parenting, to help parents build a safe and supportive environment using positive reinforcement, minimizing punishment and avoiding violence.

Financial literacy tutoring

Our banking partners provide training in financial literacy, banking procedures, credit monitoring and budgeting.

Economic Stability

Job Placement and follow-up

TGHI assist graduates of CANTEEN Job Training with job placement at one of TGHI’s restaurant partners. Our follow-up program improves long-term success on the job, and allows planning for future job advancement.

Housing support, low-cost housing and follow-up

TGHI helps clients find and qualify for low-cost housing. The follow-up program helps them retain their housing with timely rent payment, active budgeting, and developing new skills and income.

TGHI serves low-income communities where 1 in 4 families battle poverty, illiteracy, drug dependency, HIV, delinquency, teen pregnancy, gangs, crime and hopelessness.

TGHI provides a pathway to a better life.

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