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Since 2000 TGHI has provided a continuum of programs for low-income residents to find critical needs and living solutions, to develop better health, and to learn new skills, get jobs, and build stability and a better life.

We work in low-income communities where 1 in 4 families battle poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, poor nutrition, drug addiction, HIV, teen pregnancy, crime, hopelessness, and a fear that they will never escape poverty. Over 50% of this group is unemployed or under-employed, have deficiencies in practical and social skills, and many also deal with addiction, criminal histories, emotional disorders and violence.

TGHI Pathway to Health

TGHI teaches how to develop and maintain good health. Residents of low-income neighborhoods are grappling with health risks caused by poor nutrition and delayed health care. Many families find themselves choosing between health care and food. A third of the population is uninsured, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, and affordable healthy food is often not close by. TGHI addresses nutrition and healthcare issues in its health counseling and classes and in family intervention programs. We assist and teach clients ways to avoid illness and injury, how to access affordable health care, dental care and health insurance.
TGHI fights HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and risky behavior with counseling, Certified Testing and community education. Our agency staff conducts prevention and Harm Reduction programs that provide condom distribution and needle exchange, and counseling to help individuals assess their risk, understand their test results, and decide on a personalized prevention plan. We are a Miami-Dade County Florida Health HIV Testing Site.

TGHI Pathway to Employability and Jobs

TGHI’s “Canteen Job Training” program at our Canteen Training Restaurant, 3646 Grand Ave, teaches both “employability” skills and specific job skills for restaurants, followed by job placement locally in Coconut Grove and through Miami-Dade County. A job follow-up program monitors graduates’ progress on the job, and helps them retain and advance on the job.

The “Employability Skills” component, “Pathway to Practical and Social Skills”, teaches many foundation and social skills needed for any job. Training in financial literacy, computer skills, and reading and math is coordinated with our partners at Gibson Plaza Educational Center, across from TGHI offices. Educational partners include Miami-Dade College, Popular Community Bank and University of Miami School of Nursing.

The “Job Skills” component teaches skills for cooking, food handling, food service , inventory, cleaning and hosting jobs. Graduates earn food handling certification through SafeWay-ServeSafe, and TGHI assists in job placement with our restaurant partners.

Participants’ performance and attendance is improved significantly with TGHI stipends of up to $15 per hour and with uniforms. The program trains all ages, elderly, adults, parents and youth, to build the skills and find jobs that lead to economic stability and a better life.

TGHI Pathway to Living Solutions

TGHI’s West Coconut Grove residents are finding fewer affordable housing options as land values rise. More affordable housing is needed in good condition and located near jobs and transportation. Many low-income households are “rent-burdened”, paying more than 50% of their income for rent. Affordable housing close to work is a key determinant of financial stability.

We help clients retain or upgrade their current living situation, and we improve their budgeting and financial skills, and provide them job training and placement. We partner with owners of low-cost housing to improve the performance of those renters who have had problems or are late rent payers.

This community has a proud heritage of Bahamian and African-American immigrants who populated and helped build the Coconut Grove of the early 1900’s. The scarcity of affordable housing and good jobs is jeopardizing our founders ability to remain in West Coconut Grove. This story is highlighted in local TV coverage below:

TGHI Pathway to Stability

TGHI provides a continuum of Pathway Programs for more than 400 at-risk clients of all ages. Over 65% of our impoverished residents have little or no income and need these intervention services and training programs to get on track for success, lasting change and a better life.

We work to ensure that our residents:

  • have access to critical resources,
  • improve health and health habits,
  • build new practical, social and employability skills,
  • find and keep jobs, and
  • locate and retain affordable living solutions in the community of their choice.

TGHI serves low-income communities where 1 in 4 families battle poverty, illiteracy, drug dependency, HIV, delinquency, teen pregnancy, gangs, crime and hopelessness.

TGHI provides a pathway to a better life.

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